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Welcome to Bugando Hospital.

Bugando is a lifeline for
10 million people.

That is like having

hospital for all of New York City.

In America, there is one doctor for every 300 people.
In sub-Saharan Africa, there is one doctor for every 40,000 people
and one dentist for every 300,000 people.

Founded is 1996, the DirectFund Foundation is a non profit, secular organization that raises critically needed funds for Bugando Medical Center (BMC), an 800-bed hospital in Tanzania. Bugando serves as a lifeline for 10 million impoverished people. DirectFund has also helped establish Bugando University College of Health Sciences (BUCHS), which is a fully accredited, medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy school.

Bugando Hospital is a tertiary care facility that handles complex medical cases. Until recently, it usually had only ten to fifteen fully trained doctors on hand, and limited access to medicines and surgical supplies.

Bugando University College of Health Sciences  started in 2002 with the idea to create doctors for Africa.
It is now known as

To date, The DirectFund Foundation has passed along over one million dollars to the hospital. The funds have been used to purchase specialized pediatric cancer medicines, anesthetics, beddings/linens, food for the patients and staff. Funds have also been used to help build the medical school that operates within the hospital as well and is training doctors and healthcare professionals for Africa.

100% of the donations received by DirectFund go DIRECTLY
as stipulated by the donor, to  BMC or  BUCHS.

The Bugando University College of Health Sciences ( opened its doors in September 2003.  After much planning and anticipation, the dream of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference had come true. The establishment of  a new medical school to fill the need for quality health professionals in the country. The objective of the MD training program is to train competent general duty Medical Officers who, after the appropriate period of internship can, without supervision, render adequate medical care both to the individual patient and to the community in differing situations.

Located overlooking Lake Victoria and situated within the Bugando Medical Centre,  BUCHS has quickly grown to be among the most sought after universities in the country. Currently, the university has various members of staff, with academic staff ranging from professors to tutorial assistants, alongside administrative and support staff.
For more information about DirectFund, please call
Chris Petrosino at: (631) 404-8217

or email:

Asante Sana (Thank you)